Strength and Liberty Counseling and Consulting Services


  • To become an ASW, applicants must possess an MSW from a program accredited by the council of social work education.                                              If unsure, check here:
  • Once ready to register as an ASW, a full application needs to be completed with the Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS).                                                                Application:
  • As a registered ASW, you will need to complete 3,000 hours of supervised work experience over the course of 104 weeks.                                                                        See breakdown:        

Note: forms that record experience hours and supervision 
must be submitted to the board when applying for your license examination (e.i Responsibility Statement for Supervisor of an ASW, Supervisory Plan, Experience Verification).  
See Forms:                                                          
  • To track supervised work experience, you can use the following ASW Weekly
Tracking Log:                        

Note: submission of logs is optional, but if you do submit them keep the originals.          

  • If supervised work hours will be obtained from outside of employment, employer must agree in writing.  Letter can be developed by the ASW or can use the sample letter provided by BBS.                                                                                    See Form:

  • The following coursework should be completed as an ASW (some coursework might have been completed before becoming an ASW):                                                        
       1.  Child Abuse Assessment and Reporting (7 hrs)
       2.  Human Sexuality (10 hrs)
       3.  Alcoholism and Other Chemical Substance Dependency (15 hrs)
       4.  Aging, Long Term Care, and Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse (10 hrs) 
       5.  California Law and Professional Ethics (18 hrs) (Not applicable to CA) 
            Note: CA applicants do not need to complete this course but are required to                                      complete the CA Law and Ethics Exam within the year of applying and yearly after for                              renewal.
       6.  Spousal or Partner Abuse Assessment Detection, and Intervention (15 hrs)                     Note: hours apply only to those who entered an MSW program after 1/1/2004 and Out-                of -State applicants (for all other verify with BBS).

  • Once the above requirements are met as an ASW, register to take the California Laws and Ethics examination (reminder, this should be done within the year of ASW registration and every year after).                                                                         Registration Site:                                                           

  • Remember to apply yearly by completing an online application and paying a fee.  Registration Site:

Note: the exam handbook and study guide can be found: