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Jasmin Vilchis


We are happy to introduce our newly contracted Consultant  at SLCCS! Previous to her Consultant position, Jasmin Vilchis was part of our organization as a USC MSW Intern. Within her role as an intern, and now, a consultant, Jasmin has utilized her extensive experience in the field of social work. Jasmin comes to us with a wide-range of knowledge working with nonprofit organizations and educational institutions, in where she served those in need through her role as a Domestic Violence Counselor/Advocate, McKinney-Vento Case Manager, Behavioral Therapist/Interventionist, and Financial Aid Peer Adviser. Jasmin has served individuals, children, and families in many settings, and continues to do so here at SLCCS. We have had the pleasure of seeing Jasmin define her strengths and with liberty pave her way towards a strong career in social work.  Jasmin demonstrates great passion for SLCCS' mission and vision, and strives each day to help others find their platform to change. 

MSW Interns

We are extremely pleased with the talented interns that have been placed at SLCCS through the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work. Tiffany Huckoby-James is a magnificent intern who has been instrumental to the growth of SLCCS, taking the lead in many programs, and developing into her roles as a social workers. Seeing Tiffany utilize her strengths and enjoy the liberty to embark in many avenues within our organization, reminds us each day of the power in our mission and vision! 

Tiffany Huckoby-James

USC MSW Intern