Strength and Liberty Counseling and Consulting Services



Elizabeth Gonzalez

 Master's in Counseling Psychology Graduate Student

Prior SLCCS intern and a current graduate student at California Baptist University. As an intern, Elizabeth had the opportunity to assist SLCCS with its initial program planning and administration. With her dedication, commitment, and work ethic, she made a tremendous contribution in completing administrative tasks, creating documents, and research. She learned introductory clinical skills and training which further fueled her desire to become a professional clinical counselor and marriage and family therapist. She has a passion for working with at-risk youth and their families.  In the future, she looks forward to working with different populations and hope that she can help individuals become the best version of themselves. Elizabeth will receive her degree in May 2020 and will continue working with at-risk youth and their families in a higher capacity. 

Jasmin Vilchis, MSW, ASW

Social Worker/ Consultant

Prior SLCCS intern and graduate from USC Dworak-Peck School of Social Work. As an intern, Jasmin learned many tools for program planning, developing policy and procedures, and  strategic planning and implementation.  She was extremely influential in leading the efforts in establishing SLCCS’ strong organizational foundation for all 3 focus programs and various departments. She had many responsibilities she embraced with grace and efficiency. She was trusted with the task of creating and organizing financial documents electronically to streamline processes for implementation. Her innovative ideas, impeccable detail oriented organizational skills, helped improve SLCCS’ organization’s structure to match with the current trends in technology. Jasmin also re-designed and managed SLCCS website and social media; created and successfully co-coordinated our 1st annual formal internship orientation under our Training and Development Program; and was responsible for developing and marketing our ASW supervision services. 

Jasmin is now part of ChildNet's Foster Family Network in Long Beach, CA, where she takes an active role as a social worker, working with children and youth towards their growth and development.  Jasmin also pursuits becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and recently passed her CA Law and Ethics examination! Committed to the vision and mission of SLCCS, and such an asset to our team, Jasmin continues to be an influential contributor beyond her alumni status serving as a Consultant and MSW Preceptor with SLCCS.

Hannah McHargue, MSW, ASW

School-Based Mental Health Professional/ In-School Day Program Therapist

Prior SLCCS intern and graduate from USC Dworak-Peck School of Social Work.  As an intern, Hannah acquired knowledge about program planning, developing policy and procedures, strategic planning and implementation.  She was a dependable contributor who also learned various clinical assessments, and intervention tools, and was instrumental in co-designing clinical documents. Further, she researched and created our sliding scale program, HIPAA guidelines, and organized our community resource database, all to help grow SLCCS' Life Enrichment program.  She participated in raising awareness about domestic violence and immigrant rights by conducting community surveys, research, facilitating training-the-trainers and workshops. 

Hannah is now part of The Center for Mental Health in Colorado, where she continues to apply her clinical work learning and skills to help students, teachers, and school administration. In addition, Hannah is also directing a new project through an educational grant that will allow for the development of a drop-in center in school for teens who identify as LGTBQ.  

Briana Armour, MSW
Event Coordinator

Prior SLCCS intern and graduate from USC Dworak-Peck School of Social Work.  As an intern, Briana was instrumental in leading our outreach program, forging relationships with community organizations which led to facilitating workshops in mental health agencies and senior centers. She learned how to utilize her impressive writing skills with grant writing, blogging, creating and managing social media platforms along with developing its policies and procedures.  She also wrote an Op-ed about raising immigration awareness that was accepted by Lakewood Community News. She took the lead in successfully co-coordinating a DMH/CalHSA grant funded community engagement event hosted by SLCCS; a Latino Family Rights Health and Well-Being Symposium held in Long Beach. With our team she helped promote our event through networking, advertisement, door-to-door outreach, public relations- media marketing which led to a tremendous turnout empowering many immigrant families.  

As a professional social worker, Briana is now an active member of the Trojan community, working with USC's Keck School of Medicine to encourage and promote health conscience and better health conditions for students and others within the community.

Adriana Chaidez, MSW

Founder of Altruistic Leadership LLC

Prior SLCCS intern and graduate from USC Dworak-Peck School of Social Work.   

As an intern, Adriana has learned and grown to become a team player and was an asset to SLCCS. Her interest in homeless populations- initiated research, networking, and opened doors to further collaborative efforts with community agencies for continued advocacy. Her participation in continuing our outreach efforts provided her the opportunity to co-conduct needs assessments and a stress management workshop for senior community members. She also advocated for immigration rights and promoted social awareness campaigns on SLCCS' social media platforms. Additionally, she assisted in the development and initial implementation of our volunteer service; serving in the role of our Volunteer Service Co-Coordinator.   

As a macro social worker, Adriana followed her passion and dedication towards with developmental disabilities and founded Altruistic Leadership LLC to better serve the population's needs. Adriana has over 10 years of experience working in many organizations that worked with adults with developmental needs and felt that she could do more by applying the knowledge she gained as a graduate student and the hands-on experience from SLCCS.  Adriana’s training and support to older adults continues on as she helps others with daily life skills through their journey to independence.

Blanca Flores, MSW

Graphic Design Consultant

Prior SLCCS intern and graduate from USC Dworak-Peck School of Social Work.  As an intern, Blanca was encouraged to partake in many macro projects throughout various programs. She was always enthusiastic and eager to learn and contribute. She learned about strategic planning when she engaged in extensive research about developing a domestic violence group and also contributing to our ASW supervision marketing strategies. Additionally, she assisted in further building our community resource database and also organizing our electronic documents. She embraced the challenging task of developing and implementing our volunteer service while serving in the role of Volunteer Service Co-Coordinator.  Blanca took interest in various social justice issues and advocated for them through her talent as a gifted artist and found a unique way to apply it to an innovative area of social work. Blanca’s social innovation was best seen through her graphic design using various mediums; illustration and canvas art projects. She also advocated for immigration rights and promoted social awareness campaigns on SLCCS' social media platforms. 

We anticipate her further growth and development in her future endeavors. The projects that Blanca developed for SLCCS' were so magnificent that SLCCS was proud to hire her as a Graphic Design Consultant.