Strength and Liberty Counseling and Consulting Services


After graduating with my USC MSW in 2016, I obtained my dream job working with children in a school setting; however, I was without consistent clinical supervision. As an eager recent graduate, ready to work and pay the bills I remained in that position. Fearful of getting behind on my goal, I reached out to Stacey for outside individual ASW clinical supervision. She could not have made things simpler for me! She went above and beyond to guide me in the whole process and gave me a reasonable price to manage with this valuable professional investment. She was a great supervisor who was supportive, encouraging, and responsive to my needs.

      I was offered a similar position where on-site ASW supervision was provided which meant terminating services with Stacey. Nonetheless, I will always be THANKFUL to Stacey for allowing me to stay on track towards obtaining my LCSW and mentoring me throughout the way. She empowered me to stand on my own two feet. All I have to say is if you are on the fence of what to do about supervision I highly recommend consulting with Stacey, because before anything she is a passionate and compassionate social worker that puts others success first.

Viridiana B., ASW